The City of Liverpool and surrounding districts.


The objects of the Group shall be:

(a) To promote the game of Lawn Tennis within the District. (b) To organise competitive events for member Clubs.

(c) To organise competitive events for representative teams of the Group.

(d) To represent the interests of member Clubs through the County organisation of the Lawn Tennis Association.


All Clubs affiliated to their County Lawn Tennis Association which have their courts in the District shall be eligible for membership of the Group. An Application for membership by a Club must be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary of the Group by 31st August for consideration at the Group’s A.G.M. or 28 days before any other General Meeting. Admission of a Club to membership of the Group requires a two- thirds majority of member clubs voting at a General Meeting and the payment of the Club’s first Annual Subscription to the Group.

In addition to the annual subscription to the County Association, each member Club must pay to the Group Hon. Treasurer by 1st May each year a subscription of £5.00 for each team entered in the Group’s League Competition. The Group Committee may fine, or suspend the membership of, a Club whose annual subscription or any other monies due to the Group are in arrears 1 month after request for payment has been made, will be fined 10% of the monies outstanding with a minimum of £5.00. Suspension of membership shall mean that a Club will not be entitled to any benefits arising from membership of the Group, shall not be entitled to attend or participate in any General Meeting of the Group except on a specific matter relating to its suspension or prospective termination of membership, shall not be entitled to vote or submit resolutions for consideration at any General Meeting of the Group or submit nominations for members of the Group Committee and shall not be permitted to participate in any competitive event organised by the Group.

A Club may terminate its membership by advising the Hon. Secretary of the Group before 31st December and the termination will be effective from the succeeding 30th April. Any notice of termination given by a Club on or after 1st January will not be effective until 30th April of the succeeding year and in the interim the Club will be liable to pay the normal Subscription due on 1st May.

The Group may terminate the membership of a Club, only by decision at a General

Meeting of the Group. Termination of a Club’s membership in this way requires a two-thirds majority of member clubs voting at a General Meeting.


(a) The Group Committee shall comprise the Officers, being a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, an Hon. Secretary and an Hon. Treasurer; the Assistant Hon. Secretaries, being the Junior Secretary, the Tournament Secretary, the Match Results & Fixtures Secretary, the Social Secretary, the Handbook Secretary and the Group Public Relations Officer and Four General Members all of whom shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 7. In addition, the Group Committee shall have the power to co-opt a further two members to serve on the Committee and to fill casual vacancies amongst Officers or other members of the Committee between Annual General Meetings.

(b) Only persons who are normally bona fide members of member Clubs or officials of the Lancashire County L.T.A. shall serve on the Group Committee.

(c) Any Officer, Assistant Hon. Secretary or General Member of the Committee, except the Chairman, who does not attend three consecutive Committee meetings, without reasonable cause, will be liable to have his or her membership of the Committee terminated by the Committee and the Committee shall have power to replace him or her.

(d) All decisions at Group Committee meetings will be made by simple majority voting and the Chairman shall have a casting vote. A quorum will comprise five Committee members including the Chairman of the meeting.

(e) When a matter arises in Committee which relates to the infringement of a rule or regulation by a Club or which is specific to the interests of an individual Club, then, if the Chairman is a member of that Club, the meeting will elect a Chairman from amongst its members present who do not belong to that Club for the duration of the particular matter at the meeting. When a vote is required, a member of the Committee belonging to that Club shall not vote and cannot be considered as part of the quorum required.

(f) Subject to (e) above, a Committee Member belonging to a suspended Club shall be entitled to continue to serve on the Committee.

(g) The Hon. Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings at each meeting of the Group Committee and at all General Meetings of the Group. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep proper Books of Account and prepare an Annual Statement of the Accounts covering the period up to and as at 30th September each year which shall be examined and certified by the Group’s Hon. Auditor before submission to the Group’s Annual General Meeting.


The management of the Group shall be vested in the Group Committee which is authorised to organise the Group in accordance with these rules in order to achieve the objects of the Group, and specifically:

(a) to commit expenditure on behalf of the Group within the limits of the Group’s income. Expenditure shall not be committed by individuals on behalf of the Group unless specifically authorised by the Group Committee.

(b) to maintain a single Bank Account in the name of the Group with the TSB into which all Group income must be paid and in relation to which any cheque or authorisation for transfer of money must be signed by two of the following Group Officers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

(c) to maintain a single Deposit Account in the name of the Group to be used for the sole purpose of transferring money from and to the Bank Account in order to enable surplus funds at any given time to attract interest. Authorisation for transfer of money into or out of this Account must be signed by any two of the following Group Officers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

(d) to call General Meetings of the Group in accordance with these rules and to submit to General Meetings proposals for acceptances and terminations of membership, for alteration of rules and for the introduction or amendment of regulations governing competitive events.

(e) to fix the date, time and place of all General Meetings and to give proper notice in accordance with Rule 7.

(f) to organise and control competitive events in accordance with the regulations established at General Meetings.

(g) to co-opt general members of the Committee and fill casual vacancies in accordance with Rule 5.

(h) to appoint Sub-committees of the Group Committee with specific terms of reference and delegation of authority. Such Sub-committees may consist of persons not on the Group Committee but at least two members of the Group Committee must be members and one be the Chairman.

(i) to decide action, including penalties, relating to the infringement by a member Club of any of these rules or of the regulations governing competitive events.

(j) in the periods between General Meetings of the Group, to determine all matters not specifically covered by these rules and to interpret rules in a way which is considered to be in the best interests of the Group’s membership. The Committee’s decisions on these matters will be final.


(a) For any General Meetings of the Group, each member Club will appoint a delegate to represent it and to vote on its behalf. Any individual member of a member Club is entitled to attend a general Meeting of the Group but only the appointed delegate may vote.

(b) The President, the Vice-Presidents, the Officers of the Group and each member Club shall be entitled to one vote each at any General Meeting of the Group. A quorum at a General Meeting will be 15 persons entitled to vote.

(c) The Annual Meeting shall be held during the month of November each year in order to:

(i) receive the Reports of the Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

(ii) elect a President and Vice-President, the Officers, Assistant

Secretary/s and general members of the Group Committee and an Hon. Auditor for the ensuing year by a simple majority vote of those member Clubs present with the Chairman having a casting vote.

(iii) receive proposals for alteration or amendments to rules from the Group Committee and member Clubs.

(iv) consider any applications for membership or proposals for termination of membership.

(v) consider any other business in accordance with the rules of the Group.

(d) A General Meeting shall be held during the month of February each year to consider matters relating to the organisation of and regulations governing all competitive events to be held by the Group in the ensuing year.

(e) A special General Meeting may be called by the Group Committee at any time and must be called by the Hon. Secretary within 28 days of receipt of a request by him signed by 25% of the total membership of the Group setting out the reason for the meeting.

(f) The Hon. Secretary shall give member Clubs at least 14 days notice in writing of all General Meetings. Proposals for alterations to Group Rules or the Regulations governing competitive events and nominations for President, Vice- Presidents, Officers and Members of the Group Committee and Hon. Auditor must be received in writing by the Hon. Secretary by 31st August for distribution by him with the Notices of the Meeting to all member Clubs.

(g) Failure by a Club to be represented by a delegate at any General Meeting of the Group will make it liable to a fine of £15 levied by the Group Committee and payable to the Group Hon. Treasurer. This fine will be increased to £25 if not paid within 21 days.


All official communications from the Group to member Clubs will be by post (or email), addressed to the Secretary, or if no Secretary, to one of the Captains at the address last advised by the Club to the Group Handbook Secretary and this will in all cases constitute adequate notice.


Alterations to these rules can only be made by the passing of a resolution with a two- thirds majority at a General Meeting of the Group.