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LTA plans to revitalise local tennis

Thank you to everyone that attended the Fixtures meeting on Thursday and took part in the discussion about the LTA’s plans to revitalise tennis in our region. The following day we were officially notified of the intention to set up a steering group for development of local tennis. The minutes of the first meeting can be found by clicking here.

We have responded by proposing that all Liverpool Group Clubs should be able to attend these meetings. There was concern that Clubs outside of the City had not been included and have requested clarification on this point.

At this stage it’s not known what funding this steering group can achieve but we would hope that the LTA considers the region worthy of significant support.

More information to follow shortly when we have received a response from the LTA.

Updated – final response from LTA

As discussed in the previous post, the LTA have responded to correspondence about the Opt in process and Wimbledon tickets. The email can be seen by clicking here.

Clubs are asked to digest the responses and raise any issues at the Fixtures Meeting. It was hoped that the LTA would use this opportunity to clarify the level of support that they would be prepared to give to Group Clubs in the Merseyside area. Unfortunately their response falls short in this respect.

Are we getting a good deal from the LTA?  Over the last couple of years Sheffield has received £850,000 in LTA funding and obviously benefited greatly. Perhaps the LTA will consider Merseyside is also worthy of such funding?

2015 Liverpool Parks Tennis Tournament

This year the Parks Tournament will be held on the outdoor courts of the Liverpool Tennis Centre on the 13th – 18th of July.  The Competition is open to all players who reside within a 25 mile radius of Liverpool Town Hall.

As usual there is a break in Group fixtures to encourage participation, so it is hoped that members will take the opportunity to enter the Adult, Junior and Veteran events at the Tournament.

The application form can be downloaded here

Good luck to all competitors.

Club Wimbledon Ticket Allocation

Just a reminder for club members that the Opt-In to British Tennis Membership for Wimbledon Tickets has been amended.  Instead of the deadline being 31st Jan it is now 14th February.  British Tennis Membership affects the ticket allocation to the clubs. If you do not opt in then your club will receive a lower allocation of tickets.

To opt in, go to the LTA website, login and choose opt in for Wimbledon tickets.